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Our Story



  • Pizza Dude is the industry game changer for casual pizza dining. It’s not enough to create, build or design your own pizza. Pizza Dude says “U MAKE IT, PIZZA DUDE BAKES IT”.
  • The Dudes stole Kramer’s idea. In “Seinfeld” year 1 episode 2, Kramer announces that he’s going into the pizza business and his customers “make their own pizza”. Jerry and George scoffed at the idea.
  • In 2012 Kramer’s “make your own pizza” concept came out of oblivion and Pizza Dude was born. Our 1st store opened in May 2013.
  • The Dudes designed the interior to reflect the public’s desire to eat good food in pleasant surroundings. The Dudes eliminated the food displays with precooked, cold, soggy pizza slices. No paper plates, plastic utensils, or small napkins.
  • The Dudes chose an assembly line where our customers are face to face with the Pizza Dude design team; you direct them, a little more here, less of that, & so on. Some may say we copied Subway but really the Dudes went back to the cafeteria days in America, which were loved by one and all. It’s interactive and it gives our customer a chance to work with the pizza dude team and get to know them on a first name basis.
  • The Dudes are really pushing “U MAKE IT” rather than “we make it”. It’s a fun meal, not just a meal. By dressing up the children in Pizza Dude chef hats & aprons, our pizza dinner becomes a family activity and an experience the children will always remember. Make the pizza at your table and choose the toppings slice by slice.
  • Our name has caused restaurant people and the public at large to ask what does the name Dude have to do with pizza? Nothing. Why Dude? It causes people to comment. Dude is the most widely used pronoun or noun in the entertainment industry. Pizza Dude is a place where people go to eat and be entertained. Very soon Pizza Dude will be The Pizza World’s venue for fun and laughs. When visiting Pizza Dude, look at the restaurant wall and watch the videos.

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