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After watching countless reruns of Seinfeld for years & years, it finally dawned on us. For once Kramer had a brilliant idea, except of course, allowing customers to place their pizza pies in burning hot ovens.

boys-picHence the birth of Pizza Dude & our motto, “U Make It, Pizza Dude Bakes It”. If U want to be a part of this industry game changer, just ask for the “Kramer Experience”. And for the kids, we’ll dress u up in our baker’s hat & apron so your family & friends can post the next “Pizza Dude” on Facebook. Why not, it’s free!

The Dudes are really pushing “U MAKE IT” rather than “we make it”. It’s a fun meal, not just a meal. By dressing up the children in Pizza Dude chef hats & aprons, our pizza dinner becomes a family activity and an experience the children will always remember. Make the pizza at your table and choose the toppings slice by slice.

Step 1

Kramer Experience or Traditional


Kramer Experience: U create the pizza tableside; we bring you the ingredients & you let your imagination run wild. Kids are dressed up with chef hats & aprons for the unforgettable pizza dining experience?

Traditional: U tell us, & Pizza Dude staff build it

Step 2

Hey, Mr. Pizza Dude.

Here’s how I like my pizza. A little more of this, not so much of that, & spread that on ½ of the pizza.

Step 3

 Design Your Pizza


  1. Choose your fresh made dough (White, Wheat or Gluten-Free)
  2. Pick your sauce (over 6 to choose from)
  3. Choose your toppings (over 40 toppings, the combinations are endless) In less than 5 minutes, we bring your freshly made, customized pizza to your table.

Step 4

Our bake time is about 5 minutes

img_chefWe use high speed conveyor ovens to guarantee you the best quality pizza in a short time. Through countless trial and error, we have our oven temperature and conveyor speeds set to ensure a consistently, great pizza always. No more burnt pizzas!

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Sunday Nights Starting Feb. 8th
5:15 - 6:15 pm
451 W. 41 Street, Miami Beach


Our Story

  • Pizza Dude is the industry game changer for casual pizza dining. It’s not enough to create, build or design your own pizza. Pizza Dude says “U MAKE IT, PIZZA DUDE BAKES IT”.
  • The Dudes stole Kramer’s idea. In “Seinfeld” year 1 episode 2, Kramer announces he’s going into the pizza business and his customers “make their own pizza”. Jerry and George scoffed at the idea.
  • In 2012 Kramer’s “make your own pizza” concept came out of oblivion and Pizza Dude was born. Our 1st store opened in May 2013.
  • The Dudes designed the interior to reflect the public’s desire to eat good food in pleasant surroundings. The Dudes eliminated the food displays with precooked, cold, soggy pizza slices. No paper plates, plastic utensils, or small napkins.

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Our Location

451 W. 41 Street

Miami Beach, FL. 33140